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ISMA Annual General Meeting 2005

6mR Annual General Meeting
Sandhamn, Sweden – July 27th 2005

President Haissly called the meeting to order at 1915 hours.
Hans J. Oen was appointed acting secretary.
Representatives from the attending countries were called:
Finland       Tapio Lethinen       9       votes        
France   Basil Carmody   4   votes    
Germany   Niklaus Waser   8   votes    
Great Britain   Robert Leigh Wood   14   votes    
Sweden   Claes Ahlin   4   votes    
Switzerland   Beat Furrer   9   votes    
USA/Canada   Kimo Mackey   11   votes   total: 59 votes present
Japan   not present   1   vote    
Italy   not present   1   vote   paid in votes: 61

Reading of the President’s report was waived.

Replacement of Classic Committee chairman, Leif Bockelman, Finland was discussed, as Mr. Bockelman did not wish to continue. Mr. Henrik Andersin, Finland was elected new chairman of the Classic Committee and will also assume the role of Vice President on the ISMA Board.

Financial statement was circulated among the delegates and will also be posted on the website. Some discussion followed with regards to improving finances and the allocation of funds especially as it refers to ISMA News.
It was observed that the newly introduced mandatory sail stickers purchase requirement would substantially strengthen future account statements.

Annual dues for 2006 were unanimously approved at 50 Euros.
Some confusion regarding 2005 dues existed and some countries paid in 100 Euros. Reimbursements will be effected by non-payments for 2006.

A vivid discussion ensued with regard to the printing of the ISMA News versus only posting the news bulletin on the website and thus generate substantial cost savings. It was argued that the cost of producing the hardcopy was unreasonably high in relation to the total ISMA income stream. Opponents on the other hand argued for the value of actually having printed copies for repeated future references and also the value of promoting the Class, by distributing copies to yacht clubs, yachting magazines and other interested persons and entities.
Beat Furrer announced quite clearly that he would not continue to produce the periodical if it was not issued as a hard copy.

Various ideas for separately financing the ISMA news were discussed, including advertising, contributions by the National 6mR organizations as well as individual subscriptions. Mr. Furrer made it clear that he could not be responsible for securing sponsors or advertisers nor the collection of subscription fees. Representative Carmody, France announced that Mr. S. O’Reilly-Hyland might take on the task of securing sponsorships etc.
It was agreed that the National Authorities could collect individual subscription fees in addition to the annual fee. The cost per copy to be determined.
Beat Furrer deservedly received enthusiastic accolade for his tireless efforts and countless hours spent to produce ISMA NEWS magazine.

There was a proposal from the floor that the participants in major events should be able to participate in the sponsor funds received by the organizing clubs and authorities. It was pointed out that individual owners are every year facing substantial costs in positioning the boats at the venues and in addition contributing to the local economy. It was expressed that the 6mR events are prestigious and it should therefore not be unreasonable to expect that the organizers help to defray the cost.

A proposal regarding maximum wind speed was discussed and it was generally agreed that sea conditions played an equal role in decisions made whether racing was safe and/or recommended or if races should be started or continued or not. The Class already has guidelines with regard to wind velocity and it was agreed that the Technical Committee should further develop acceptable wording and instructions for race committees.
Douglas Peterson, USA and Pasi Kaarto Finland, were elected as new members of the Technical Committee.

A Finnish proposal regarding an alteration to the existing advertising rules did not obtain a second and was not voted upon.

A proposal introducing the use of GPS while racing was discussed briefly but was not seconded.

The replica rules as adapted were confirmed and will become an appendix to the 6mR Rating Rule & Measurement Instructions and filed with ISAF.
The existing definitions of Classic 6mR will be further developed by the Classic Committee and presented for ratification. The ratified version shall be an appendix to the 6mR Rating Rule & Measurement Instructions and filed with ISAF’s keelboat committee.

Representatives from GBR are working on updating the Class Rules.
A 29 page final version will be presented by the end of the year for ratification and presentation to ISAF.

The Jean-Pierre Oddero Trophy was presented to Peter Norlin with great enthusiasm from the floor for his many years of constructive contribution to the 6mR Class.

It was resolved to hold the 2006 European Championship in Flensburg for both Classics and Moderns instead of in Finland and in La Trinite respectively, as originally decided. Both Finland and La Trinite gracefully agreed to this proposal, showing great understanding for the importance of keeping the Moderns and Classics together for ISMA events.

A written proposal from the Museum of Yachting, Newport, R.I. for hosting the 2009 World Championship was accepted after some discussion.
A Class organizing committee is to be formed and it is generally agreed that this committee has 2 years to determine if the event can be held in Newport.
The main issue is to secure sufficient funding from sponsors to cover oceanic transportation cost.
All 6mR enthusiasts with experience in fund raising are urged to participate.

There was an observation from the floor that only about _ of all the boat owners present at Sandhamn, attended the AGM. It was proposed that for future events
better efforts were made to increase participation at AGM's

There not being any further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2055.

Respectfully submitted:

Hans J. Oen               Bernard Haissly
(Acting secretary)               (President)

Download: Minutes Minutes 2005 ISMA General Assembly [20KB, Adobe PDF]



Good news from the AGM Annual General Meeting 2005, July 28th in Sandhamn, Sweden

The European Championship 2006 will be in Flensburg, northern Germany for all 6mJI. The 6mJI Class will not have separate (moderns in La Trinité, classics in Helsinki) European Championship in 2006 as decided at the AGM 2004.

The national representatives and the present owners voted strongly against the separation of the 6mJI Class for international events.

The complete minutes of the meeting will follow later at this place.

Gute Nachrichten vom Jahresmeeting 2005 der 6mJI Klasse, welches am 28. Juli 2005 in Sandhamn, Schweden, stattfand

Die Europa Meisterschaft findet für alle 6mJI 2006 in Flensburg, Norddeutschland statt und nicht getrennt, wie 2004 beschlossen, für die Modernen in La Trinité und die Klassiker in Helsinki.

Das Protokoll des Jahresmeetings 2005 folgt an dieser Stelle später.

Bonnes nouvelles de l’assemblée annuelle 2005 qui a eu lieu le 28 juillet à Sandhamn, Suède

Le Championnat Européen 2006 se déroulera à Flensburg, Allemagne du Nord pour tous les 6mJI et non pas à La Trinité pour les modernes et à Helsinki pour les classics.

Le procès verbal de la séance sera publié à cette place plus tard.



Report to the ISMA AGM 2005

Dear Friends of the Class,

Year 2005 will be exceptional in the history of the Class.

A record number of boats are expected to participate in the World Cup at Sandhamn representing many generations of yacht design. Onshore, many ideas and proposals are circulating among the members, and this is a sign of vitality.

Thanks to Beat Furrer, ISMA News and the website have become fantastic means of communication within the Class and outside, thereby demonstrating that the Class is strong and properly organized. The introduction of the certification mark in addition to member fees should place the finances at the required level. The collection of the fees payable by the boat owners is the task of the national associations and not of ISMA. The national associations know all the boats and their owners and it is to their advantage to establish a relationship with them. They also have means of compelling owners to pay their dues for example by restricting the admission to local races to members.

Indeed, the genuine tasks of ISMA are :

a) to adopt Rating rules and other Class rules

b) to publish ISMA News

c) to maintain a website

d) to select venues for World and European championship

e) to raise finance covering its costs.

These tasks require a lot of efforts and it is not easy to find people having the will, the resources and time needed to do this job, as is demonstrated by the lethargy of ISMA some years ago.

I hear sometimes that ISMA should have a more ambitious program and it is conceivable in theory. As it is my intention not to apply for reelection at the end of the normal term at the AGM in 2006, I urge those who feel ready to assume the Presidency of ISMA to prepare their candidacy. In the meantime, your Committee will complete an important task, which is to finalize the update of the Rating rules and to have them sanctioned in due course by ISAF.

Bernard Haissly

ISMA President



Invitation to the ISMA Annual General Meeting in Sandhamn, July 28, 2005 "Important news!"

To The National Associations members of ISMA,

Dear Friends of the Class,

It is my pleasure to invite you to attend our next General Assembly which will take place at Sandhamn on July 28, 2005. The Agenda of the meeting is attached hereto. Papers and drafts to be discussed will be published on the website of the Class (www.6metre.ch).

Details of the venue of the meeting will be posted on the notice board of the KSSS. The meeting may be postponed to another day if the racing schedule does not allow the meeting on July 28, 2005.

I remind you that National Associations must designate one representative in writing. This may be best done by an e-mail sent to me (bernard.haissly@swlegal.ch) before the Championship starts.

I look forward seeing you in Sweden.

Bernard Haissly
President ISMA

Cc : Ian Howlett, President Technical Committee; Guy Roland Perrin, Chief Class Measurer


July 28, 2005

1. Allocation of votes per country
2. President's Report
3. Accounts at 31 December 2004
4. Membership fee for year 2006
5. ISMA News
6. Elections
7. Class rule : maximum wind speed at international events
8. Class rule : permitted advertising
9. New rule : authorized use of GPS
10. Class rule : definition of Classic yachts and construction of Replicas
11. Total revision of the Rating rule and Measurement instructions
12. Any other matters

Class Rules draft, May 25th, 2005 PDF Icon [230KB]
Class Rule Windspeed, June 27th, 2005PDF Icon [10KB]



Sail Certification Marks

Document PDF Icon [64KB]


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Download: Minutes ISMA General Assembly 2004 Invitation [110KB, Adobe PDF]


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