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ISMA Annual General Meeting 2002: Minutes
Der guten Ordnung halber geben wir das Protokoll der ISMA Jahresversammlung in der originalen Sprache wieder.

Pour ne pas mélanger les choses nous vous présentons le protocole de l’assemblé ISMA dans sa langue originale.

International 6mR Association
Annual general meeting
Rungsted, Denmark
August 8th 2002


The Class President, called the meeting to order at 1600 hours, August 8th, 2002, on the premises of Royal Danish Yacht Club, Rungsted, Denmark

1. Thomas Lundquist and Hans Oen were appointed to act as meeting Chairman and Secretary, respectively

2. Electoral register: 9 National Associations in good standing. Present at meeting: Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Germany – Quorum established. (50%) – Total voting block at meeting, 37 – (19 needed for simple majority)

3. Report from the Treasurer: No report submitted.

4. After general discussion, the AGM adopted the President’s submitted proposals for future venues for the Worlds and European Championships as follows:
2003: St Tropez France June 16/20 (21) WC
2004: Place to be decided Italy EC
2005: Sandhamn Sweden KSSS 175th ann. WC
2006: Hanko/Helsinki Finland EC
2007: Royal Northern & Clyde Y.C. Scotland 100th ann. “R” rule WC
* The meeting was generally interested in a proposal to run a joint 12/8/6mR world championship in 2007 in conjunction with 100th anniversary of the Meter Rule. The general consensus is however that it is too early to decide at this point and that further talks between the respective Classes is necessary before a final stand is taken on this issue.5. Election of new ISMA board.
A proposed slate from the floor was submitted. After general discussion the following officers and Executive Committee were unanimously elected until AGM 2004:
President: Berhard Haissly
Secretary & Treasurer: Peter Mueller
Vice Presidents: Robert Leigh Wood, Claes Ahlin, Hans J. Oen
Technical Committee, chair: Ian Howlett
Classic Committee, chair : Leif Bockelman
Editor: Beat Furrer

6. Racing Format
Mr. Haissly made a motion, to modify the World Cup and the European Championship deeds of gift for the purpose of making the race schedules and courses more flexible. The motion was seconded.
Some discussion ensued. More than one race per day will be allowed. Distances and time limits can be made shorter. It was suggested that the first race of the day shall have downwind finish in order to allow the Race Committee to start the second race without delay. It was felt that the PRO (Principal Race Officer) should have (and use) more authority to ensure fair competition, including abandoning races that are no longer true tests of skill as opposed to just let the time run out. It was suggested that Championship series are structured so that only one weekend will be used. There was no opposition to the motion and the motion carried.
The new Board will work out detailed revised alterations to the Deeds of Gift. The alterations will be in effect for the World Cup 2003 and shall be ratified by the AGM held in St. Tropez, June 2003.

7. Newsletter
Beat Furrer has for sometime been issuing a local newsletter, primarily covering the Swiss/German Lakes. It was decided that this newsletter shall now be expanded to become the official ISMA newsletter. Mr. Furrer will be the editor

8. There was a general discussion about Class funding. Concern was expressed over the difficulty to collect dues. National Secretaries were urged to make a serious effort to get boat owners to support the Class better. An associate membership was suggested but no action was taken on this issue. Annual dues remain unchanged.

9. The advertising rule for the Class remains unchanged. The acting Secretary informed that the Class must file with ISAF council that it intends to carry modified category C advertising in accordance with Appendix 1. (20.4.4) Failing to do so will automatically place the Class in category A, where no advertising is allowed.

10. A Finnish representative informed that an informal proposal, relating to Classic boats, limiting sailcloth allowed and number of sails to be used in Championships, was presently posted on the Finnish website. No further discussion or action was taken on this issue.

11. The incoming President Mr. Haissly thanked Mr. Lundquist for his efforts and good work during his two years tenure as Class President.

12. There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 17.15 hours.

Respectfully submitted
Hans J. Oen
(acting secretary)